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Pick midday and indiana 3 4 pick

Mark either Daily 4, Front 3 or Back 3 Mark the play type: Straight - Match your numbers in exact order Box - Match your numbers in any order Combo - Match your numbers in either exact or any order Mark your amount: $1, $2, $5 or $10 Mark your numbers: Mark 1 number in each column. You can play up to 5 boards per playslip. Select Quick Pick (QP) to let the terminal randomly select your numbers. Hand mark the playslip using black or blue ink or pencil. Errors: DO NOT ERASE: Mark the VOID box if errors are made

Midday indiana and pick 4 3 pick

Multi-Draw: Mark the number of drawings you want to play: (2, 3,4,5,6,7,14,21,28) Claiming Prizes Prizes $600 and under can be redeemed at most Hoosier Lottery retailers, all Hoosier Lottery regional offices, Hoosier Lottery Headquarters at 201 S. Capitol Ave. , Indianapolis, IN - across from the RCA Dome (main floor lobby) or by mail. Prizes less than $50,000 can be redeemed at any Hoosier Lottery regional office, Hoosier Lottery Headquarters or by mail

Pick 3 4 and midday indiana pick

Prizes greater than or equal to $50,000 must be redeemed at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters. ALL PRIZES MUST BE CLAIMED WITHIN 180 DAYS AFTER THE DRAWING. Rules The ticket, not the playslip, represents your official selection for the drawing and must be presented to claim a prize. Players are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their tickets

And 3 4 pick indiana midday pick

3. How much do PICK 4 tickets cost? Tickets cost $0.50 or $1 per play. 4. ET for the midday drawing, and 9:35 p.m., ET for the evening drawing). Indiana Hoosier lottery results and information, including draw details of the Indiana Daily 3 and Daily 4, as well as the Mega Millions and Indiana Powerball Mega Millions Lotto Hit 5 Match 4 Pick 3 Daily Keno. 50, with a maximum bet of $5 per ticket. 3/20/2014234179078-3ON Midday 1:45PM Pick 41$0,

4 midday indiana 3 pick pick and

Get the latest winning numbers (results) and jackpots for INDIANA DAILY 4 MIDDAY and all of your other favorite Indiana lottery games. Find out the most recent Indiana Daily 4 Midday numbers here. Check the results to see if you are a lottery winner. In the event of any discrepancies, Indiana state laws and lottery regulations prevail. For more, see our Terms & Conditions. Must be 18 or Older to Play,

And 3 midday indiana pick pick 4

Players must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a ticket or claim a prize. The Hoosier Lottery reserves the right to limit the selection of certain numbers. All games are subject to Hoosier Lottery rules and Indiana law. . Picking Numbers On a Pick 4 play slip mark the play type (straight, box, front pair, middle pair, back pair, or single digit), time of day desired, (DAY, EVE, or BOTH) amount of play ($.50 TO $5.00 per bet), and select four (4) numbers (2 numbers if only playing front pair, middle pair or back pair, or select 1 number for single digit play) and number of draws for each panel. Mark the QUICK PICK (QP) box at the bottom of the panel on each play to let the computer terminal randomly pick the numbers for you

Pick indiana pick 4 and midday 3

You must still determine the play type, time of day desired, amount of play and number of draws for each panel. Each Quick Pick will be a $.50 play for the next available draw unless another draw time, draw day or dollar amount is selected. You may purchase a ticket good for up to 42 consecutive draws by marking the number of draws in the MULTI DRAWS column. You may also purchase up to 21 consecutive Day draws only or 21 consecutive Evening draws only

And indiana 3 4 pick pick midday

Draws are held Daily at 1:10 PM and 6:55 PM with a cutoff of 1:00 PM and 6:45 PM to purchase tickets for the draw. All draw times are based on Eastern Time. Pick 4 matches, prizes and odds -- based on a $1 play:4-Number Plays STRAIGHT - Win $5,000If your 4-digit number matches the winning number IN EXACT SEQUENCE, you win $5,000. ODDS 1:10,000Example: You pick 1234  One way to win:1234BOX 4-way - Win $1,250If your 4-digit number matches the winning number IN ANY SEQUENCE and contains 3 identical numbers, you win $1,250

Midday 3 pick indiana pick 4 and

ODDS 1:2,500 Example: You pick 1222 4 ways to win: 1222, 2212, 2122, 2221BOX 6-way - Win $834If your 4-digit number matches the winning number IN ANY SEQUENCE and contains 2 pairs of identical numbers, you win $834. ODDS 1:1,667 Example: You pick 2121 6 ways to win: 2121, 1221, 1122, 2112, 1212, 2211. BOX 12-way - Win $416If your 4-digit number matches the winning number IN ANY SEQUENCE and contains 2 identical numbers, you win $416. ODDS 1:833 Example: You pick 1322 12 ways to win: 1322, 2123, 2231, 3122, 1223, 2132, 2312, 3212, 1232, 2213, 2321, 3221

Pick midday indiana 3 4 pick and

BOX 24-way - Win $208If your 4-digit number matches the winning number IN ANY SEQUENCE and contains 4 unique numbers, you win $208. ODDS 1:417Example: You pick 1234  24 ways to win: 1324, 2134, 3124, 4123, 1342, 2143, 3142, 4132, 1234, 2314, 3214, 4213, 1243, 2341, 3241, 4231, 1423, 2413, 3412, 4312, 1432, 2431, 3421, 43212-Number Plays - Win $50Front Pair:If your 2 numbers match the first 2 numbers of the winning numbers drawn in exact order, you win $50. ODDS 1:100​Example: Your Front Pair play 12 Winning number example: 12XX Middle Pair:If your 2 numbers match the middle 2 digits of the winning numbers in exact order, you win $50. ODDS 1:100​Example: Your Middle Pair play 23 Winning number example: X23X Back Pair:If your 2 numbers match the last 2 digits of the winning numbers in exact order, you win $50. ODDS 1:100​Example: Your Back Pair play 34 Winning number example: XX341-Number Plays - Win $5Single Digit:If the single number you selected matches the winning number in the exact position, you win $5.00 ODDS 1:10​Example: Your Single Digit play: 1XXX or X2XX or XX3X or XXX4Winning number example: 1234 How to Find Winning Numbers Twice a day, at 1:10 PM and 6:55 PM (ET), Sunday through Saturday, a 4-digit number will be drawn

4 and pick 3 midday indiana pick

You can win by matching numbers as described above for the draws that you played. Pick 4 Drawings are viewable by visiting Winning numbers are also available at Vermont Lottery agent locations (where Pick 4 is sold) following the draw, or by calling 1-800-322-8800 (VT only) or 1-802-479-5686. Draw results can also be found on our website under Games\PICK 4 or by clicking Winning Numbers on any page Important!Check your ticket(s) carefully. Be sure your ticket accurately reflects the numbers you want to play

Midday 3 indiana 4 pick and pick

Your play slip does not constitute evidence of a ticket purchase or of numbers selected. Cancellation Policy Tri-State Pick 4 tickets may be cancelled. Cancellation is restricted to the date and location of purchase. Pick 4 tickets purchased for a drawing on the purchase date must be cancelled prior to that day's drawing. Claiming Your Prize Sign the back of your Pick 4 ticket in the space provided,,,,,